Paper mill Netstal is the oldest industrial enterprise of canton Glarus.


For the first time mentioned as paper mill. Before 1679 Heinrich Weber-Walcher (1654-1722) starts a paper mill business alongside the river Linth.


Change over of the company property by marriage between the corn miller Ludwig Zweifel (1729 – 1779) and the daughter of the papermaker Fridolin Weber. Fridolin Weber and his family owned the company until 1921.


Construction of the “Untere Papierfabrik”


Fitting of a paper machine in the “Obere Papierfabrik”


A new corporation has been founded.


The paper mill needs to be sold to the “Genossenschaft des Schutzverbandes der Papier verarbeitenden Industrie der Schweiz” (EIKA).


The “Untere Papierfabrik” has been avulsed nearly altogether. After that it has been revised with a new turbine, wood grindery and a 220 cm wide paper mill.


The company Vereinigte Papierfabriken Netstal AG has been founded.


EIKA has been decided to shut down both factories. But the English company group G.T. Mandl took over the “Untere Papierfabrik” and established the new corporation Papierfabrik Netstal AG. The wood grindery has been closed and the paper mill has been modified from production of graphic papers to the production of filter papers.

1985 – 1990

A complete renewal of the common machinery and fitting of a new paper machine has been done. Escher-Wyss / Reinhard


Paper Mill Papierfabrik Netstal AG advanced to the second largest European Coffee Filter manufacturer.


The Papierfabrik Netstal AG took over the Riemenschied Coffee Filter Production AG.


The whole Coffee Filter production removed to Nossen (Germany) and the product range has been diversified in areas like Agricultural-, Hygienically-, Medical- and Food Stuff Paper.

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